The Hair Rich Project

Start Your Own Hair Line

Starting your own hair line is now a possibility. Whether you already have your own hair source and are just looking for packaging, or if you need both hair and packaging we can help

If you are a salon or hairstylist that does hair extensions of any kind your salon should carry and stock its own hair. In addition to compete with current brands and to maintain a professional appearance your line should contain its own private labeling. Hair distributors can also benefit from starting their own hair line as it is better to support your own product than that of someone else


NAME - The first thing you will need to decide is what your hair line will be named
LOGO - Once you have a name you will need a logo that will brand your line of hair. If you don’t have a logo we can help. (Limited time logo creation $99)

STICKER – These full color stickers can be applied to any plain box, or poly bag. 3 x 4 inches in size
HAIR TAG - Add a more professional look to your hair bundles and provide additional information and branding. These tags are two sided and come in a variety of sizes and colors
BOXES – This is the most expensive option but will definitely give your hair that top of the line appearance. Prices vary depending on whether you desire two colors or full color; and the type of box you design. All of your logo, information etc. will be printed directly on the box
SHOPPING BAG – If you will be selling your hair at a retail location you may want to design a matching shopping bag

Full color two sided business cards 
Full color two sided post cards
Full color brochure
Full color anner

Visit the Hair Specification page to learn about our Virgin Human Hair

Visit the Wholesale page to obtain prices for our Virgin Human Hair

Visit the Shop to order samples of our Virgin Human Hair


Minimum Purchase - $500 first time minimum purchase of hair is required.


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TEMPLATE  GLOSSY LABEL                     JPG 
TEMPLATE  TAG BACK                            JPG

1000 full color glossy front packaging
(3 in. wide 4 in. high)
1000 full color glossy two-sided oval
tabs that hang from the hair
(2 in. wide 3.5 in. high)
*Cost per package equals 30 cents

BASIC $200

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1000 customized two color labels
*Cost per package equals 17.5 cents





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10000 full color glossy front packaging
(3 in. wide 4 in. high)
*Cost per package equals 30 cents